What are the benefits?

A: Convenient, Affordable and Sustainable!  We deliver you the moving boxes
and supplies then pick them up when you are done moving! There is no assembly or
taping required. Renting from us saves you not only time and money, but also
helps the environment.  Cardboard boxes and paper waste are a big problem
in our landfills. UPackGreen is a zero waste moving system!

How do I pay?

A: We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal payments. You can pay for
the rental online through our online ordering system.

Will I receive a phone call before

A: Yes, we will call to confirm details before delivery. We will also send an email confirmation when you place your order. Please call us with any further questions at 512-619-0452.

Can I keep the boxes longer if needed?

A: You can keep the boxes for as long as you need, simply call us and let us
know how much longer you want to keep them. Additional charges per day or weekly
rates apply.

Does the rental cover drop off and pick

A: No, there is a flat fee of $25 dollars for delivery and pick-up to anywhere
in the surrounding Austin area.

Is UPackGreen a moving company?

A: No, moving is up to you. We help to make your move easier, more convenient
and eco-friendly by using our green moving boxes and supplies.

What size are the boxes?

A: All of our boxes are 27″ x 17″ x 12″ and are 2.4 cubic feet (70 Liters) in
volume. Each box can hold about 50 pounds or 50 pieces of clothing.

How do I get the boxes and supplies?

A: We deliver the boxes and supplies directly to your location. They stack
neatly inside of each other and require no assembly.

How are we helping the environment?

A: Our 100% recycled moving boxes will be used hundreds of times before being
recycled again. They are all made of recycled high density polyethylene, which
is strong and sturdy for all moving applications. UPackGreen eliminates the need
for cardboard boxes, keeping waste out of our landfills. We are a zero waste
system – go green today!

How can I help?

A: Tell your friends and family about us!  Every time someone uses our
services we reduce the number of trees being cut down to make cardboard boxes,
as well as reducing pollution and landfill waste.  Be earth friendly and
green, keep Austin green!

What are wardrobe boxes?

A: They are plastic wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes on a bar, like a mini
closet.  Dimensions are 21″ x 24″ x 48″ and each wardrobe box can hold up
to 30 T-shirts and Polo’s.

Do I need to be home during the drop off
and pick-up?

A: Yes, the boxes should not be left outside at any time unsupervised.  The
boxes are expensive and you are responsible for returning the same number of
boxes that were rented.  All boxes and supplies must be returned in the
same condition they were rented in.

Do I need to keep the boxes clean?

A: Yes, and products that could spill like bath products, cleaning products and
food products would be transported best if you put them inside of a plastic bag
before inserting them into the boxes.  We clean all boxes after each use to
prevent the spread of germs.

Can I lend boxes to a friend?

A: We strongly discourage lending out our boxes.  You are responsible for
the exact amount of boxes and supplies that were rented to you.  We advise
you do not lend anything out for your protection, if any boxes are lost or
stolen there is a $60 fee per replacement box.

Do you offer long term rentals?

A: Yes, long term rentals are available, please call for pricing. 512.619.0452

What type of people use your services?

A: People from all walks of life use UPackGreen’s services!  Usually people
who are interested in saving money and helping the environment including people
who live in apartments, houses, condominiums and all types of businesses!