Hello Austin Texas

Welcome to UPackGreen – We Rent Plastic Moving Boxes and Supplies

UPackGreen offers an environmental alternative to cardboard moving boxes and supplies that will save you time, money and the environment! Moving a home, apartment, condo, small business or a large commercial space is one of the most stressful tasks you will ever do and we want to make it easier for both you and the environment.



Reasons to use UPackGreen:

Environmentally Friendly: – Our Eco-Boxes are reused hundreds of times saving huge amounts of wast from entering the landfill.  No more cardboard boxes equals no more waste and together we are saving trees at the same time!

Cost Effective: – Save time, save money and save the environment by packing & stacking with eco-boxes.  Cardboard boxes can cost up to $20 dollars per box and usually end up in the trash. Go green today ans save money, time and the environment!

Convenient: – We drop off the boxes and supplies at your location and pick them up when you are done moving.  We have everything you need for your move including wardrobe boxes, recycled packing paper, moving dollies, bio-degradable bubble wrap and more!